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Artsy Crafty Library: Crochet as meditation

This winter I am trying to rest and relax more. I want to intentionally interrupt my habit of mindlessly scrolling on my phone. To accomplish those two goals, I needed a replacement for my phone in my hands. So I have been crocheting hats. So. Many. Hats.

Once I memorized the pattern, the small hat projects have become a meditation for me. My hands are occupied so my mind can wander or focus on something else.

So far, I have crocheted hats while:

  • Sitting near my kids while they play video games
  • During a church service
  • On my lunch break
  • Chatting with a friend
  • Watching The Great British Baking Show with my kids
  • Listening to an audiobook

First, I made myself a new hat, then I gave a handful of different colored hats to my fashion-conscious teenager. After that, I’ve been gifting hats to friends, coworkers and strangers.

This isn't a step by step instructions kind of article. I’m reminding myself and you that the act of creating something is always more important than the result.


crochet hat closeupI experimented with patterns (Spiral Shell Hat, Spiral Beanie, Spiral Hat, Crochet Beanie video) to figure out what I like and what works for the yarn I am using. A hat is a small project and a great way to use up half-skeins of leftover yarn. I frequently try on the hat-in-progress to decide if it needs another row of shells before the brim, and sometimes I make a shorter brim if I am running out of yarn.  

Giving myself space and grace to experiment is part of the meditation. I offer the hats to people to choose which they might enjoy, they can try them on and decide if they like it or not. That dynamic of choice removes the pressure of having to make a particular project just perfect for a particular person. 

I encourage you to experiment with the act of creating.

For inspiration and support on a variety of artsy-crafty crochet topics, browse the instructional DVDs in the Movies and Music area. I also made a booklist of all of the crochet books that have tempted me lately. But I haven’t checked any out. Because I’m resting and relaxing, and crocheting another hat.


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