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Admire Topeka Parks in Unique & Majestic WPA Style Posters by Local Artists

Local artists, Topeka Magazine and Parks & Green Spaces have brought the See Topeka Parks & Green Spaces Art Project to our community. Thirteen local artists created unique images of Topeka parks and green spaces in the majestic style of the 1930s Work Projects Administration (WPA) National Parks posters.

The See Topeka posters invite the community to view our local parks and green spaces with fresh eyes, a new sense of wonder, and added appreciation for familiar outdoor spaces. The illustrations are featured in Topeka Magazine's Summer 2021 issue. View the posters at the library June 1 - Aug 31.

You may purchase prints of the posters and postcards at Parks & Green Spaces.

Project artists are Pat Abellon, Jordan Brooks, Becky Drager, Doug Frye, Mary Remboldt Gage, Mike Henry, Cally Krallman, Brad LeDuc, Gwen McClain, Alex Olson, Hi Stockwell, Yeqiang Wang and Barbara Waterman-Peters.

The following Topeka parks and green spaces are included: Animaland at Gage Park, Dornwood Nature Park, Gage Park Train, Garfield Park, Illiff Commons, Kaw River State Park, Lake Shawnee, MacLennan Park, Reinisch Rose Garden, Shunga Trail, Skyline Park, Ted Ensley Gardens and Ward-Meade Park.

This project is funded in part by The Library Foundation.

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