Under the Sea: photographs by Glenn Swogger Jr.

two pink fish with large eyes and dark gills above coral

Two pink fish, photograph by Glenn Swogger Jr.

Along with the Oceans of Possibility exhibit in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, I want to introduce Glenn Swogger’s photography. Topeka philanthropist, psychiatrist, banker and photographer Glenn Swogger Jr left a legacy of excellence and art. Swogger was a dedicated library supporter and advocate.

He and his wife, Claire (also a photographer), traveled all around the world. Glenn was a diver, but Claire was not, so they would split their time between land and sea. Claire’s Courtyard is named for her.

Swogger’s gifts to the Library Foundation included his vast collection of photographic slides. To honor his memory and his talents, I chose some of my favorites to share.


Our library has a very cool art collection, and I get to be in charge of it. I started drawing when I was 4 years old, and never stopped making art. I want to do more than show you art, I want to help you understand it, relate to it, and 'get' it. Art lets us share what it is to be human.