Try folding books into sculptures

I have a copy of How to Read a Book by Van Doran on my library desk. A favorite great-books professor gave it to me with humor and somehow I cannot make myself toss it. So I turned it into a sculpture that makes me smile. I can still read the book. All the pages are intact. I’ll just need to unfold each one as I go.

Folded book art

I discovered this art form quite by chance when I was looking to grow from collaging altered book pages. It’s clean and easy to start and stop. These art projects keep my hands busy and help me pay attention as I listen to webinars or Zoom meetings. The creative possibilities are endless.

The lower image features a garden book I purchased at the Chandler Booktique for $1. Because each page had the same layout of plant photos, it created bands of color in both the upper and lower parts of the folded book. Every page in this project is the same. The top corner folds down parallel to the spine and then the bottom corner folds up to meet, making a perpendicular line to the book’s back. I’ve added festive greenery and little bells for additional interest.

The sculpture in the top image was more complicated, with five rotating fold patterns. I drew a thin pencil line for each of the five points of the folds across the pages on the long side of the book to keep the folds consistent.

So many options

I haven’t yet tried cutting pages, though that’s an option too. Check my booklist for inspiration and advanced directions. Or just find a second-hand book that appeals and play with the pages! By searching for folded book art you can also get ideas and patterns from Creative Bug, Etsy, YouTube, or many websites. Happy book sculpting!

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