One Book Leads to Another

Diego and I by Frida Kahlo

This summer, I spent time reading various non-fiction books about the history of Mexico to learn more about the ancient cultures and artifacts. This was all very “dry” reading, interesting but all factual.

I recently came across a Barbara Kingsolver book, The Lacuna, while browsing in the library stacks.  It is not a new release but I had not read it before and she is one of my favorite authors.  What caught my eye especially was the description-the part about Mexico, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.  These two Hispanic artists are influential in the art world and are much admired today.

Kingsolver weaves together historical events, real people and an intriguing story of a fictional main character, Harrison Shepard.  The Lacuna presents a perspective of life, society, politics and the art world during the WWII era. Shepard is a cook so there are even delicious food details.  Can it get any better?  Somebody hand me another book