Memorializing Your Travels

Wherever your travels take you this summer, keeping a travel journal is a good way to remember your trip. Your journal can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can even make your own to truly customize it.

Making a journal

Accordion book with pockets

Accordion book with pockets

An accordion book with pockets is a quick and easy structure to get you started making books. You can start with one piece of paper or expand it by joining folded sections together. Fill the pockets of the book with mementos of your trip: ticket stubs, boarding passes, restaurant receipts from a delicious meal and business cards from those one-of-a-kind local shops you don’t want to forget.

3-hole pamphlet stitched book

A 3-hole pamphlet stitched book is simple to sew, looks more like a traditional book and can have more pages than an accordion book without adding bulk. The text pages can be regular copy paper or something more substantial like watercolor paper. Decorative or handmade paper can add some personality to the cover and make it truly unique. As long as the paper can be folded in half, it will work. Or you can leave the cover blank and decorate it after your trip.


Recording your memories can take many forms. Writing your own poetry or a narrative can capture little moments that might soon be forgotten. If writing isn’t your thing, an itinerary of your trip or a list of places you visited and what you saw there can be expanded with short anecdotes or comments.

travel journal

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Visuals help trigger memories so photographs and postcards are always a great way to document your trip.

Whatever form your journal takes, making it by hand allows you to make something uniquely yours. For more journaling ideas, check out these books from the Arts & Crafts Neighborhood.


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Brea Black is the Art Librarian and Book Arts Curator in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. Her favorite thing is to share the wonderful world of artists' books with the community. She also leads the Arts & Crafts team and teaches workshops on bookmaking, altered books, and a variety of crafty topics.