Gallery on the Go: The Appeal of Clay

October 4 – 31, 2019

While the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is closed for renovation, we are pleased to partner with local galleries to feature parts of our collection.

This month you will find us at the Sage Crossing Art Gallery inside Fire Me Up Ceramics highlighting ceramic pieces from the library’s collection.

Glenda Taylor, Teapot, late 20th century, porcelain, TSCPL Permanent Collection, Gift of Dr. Alice M. Young

The Appeal of Clay shows a variety of ceramic styles, surfaces, clay bodies and firing methods. Clay is so appealing to the viewer and artist because of its versatility and the ability to have a continuous process of learning and exploration. In this exhibition are a variety of forms, from sculptural to utilitarian, with surfaces ranging from the traditional burnished style of the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico, to surfaces and colors that can only be accomplished through modern firing techniques and glaze chemistry. While discovering the versatility of clay in this exhibition, reflect on the teapots. Teapots are fantastic vessels that help us all appreciate how different a form can become.

Thank you to Monette Mark, owner of Fire Me Up Ceramics and Sage Crossing Art Gallery, for partnering with the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery and the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. The Appeal of Clay is on display at Sage Crossing inside Fire Me Up Ceramics Oct 4 – Oct 31.


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PH: 785-766-4667
Thursday-Friday 1-5pm
and Saturday 11-4pm

Programs and Events in the Gallery

Curators’ Talk
Wed, Oct 16 | 7-8pm
Join us at Sage Crossing inside Fire Me Up Ceramics for an evening with curators Betsy Roe and Monette Mark.

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