Gallery on the Go: Anthology of Vessels

Bottle (#7417), Toshiko Takaezu, porcelain, TSCPL permanent collection 1995.001

While the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is closed for renovation, we are pleased to partner with local galleries to feature parts of our collection. In February and March we are proud to share a space with Leaping Llamas.

Anthology of Vessels is a selection of vessels from the permanent collections of The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. By definition, a vessel is a container that holds or protects.

Budding Artists, Natasha Overholtzer, metal, Friends of the Library, Purchase Award, Topeka Competition 28, 2007.010

Contemplate vessels from different parts of the world and different time periods that Use different techniques and materials. Can you smell the fragrant tea brewing the pewter pumpkin-shaped teapot with the rat handle? This piece was made in China in the early twentieth century. How about the silver vessel with a tiny field of wheat grass just ripe and ready for cutting, can you taste the fresh greens?

What else could these vessels hold?

    • A ceremonial pot of tea?
    • A vase for one flower stem?
    • Memories?

With each vessel, the artist sparks curiosity in the viewer.

Anthology of Vessels will be on display at Leaping Llamas from February 17 – March 30.


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