Draw Your Library!

TSCPL 2nd Floor | pen & ink

In one of my first college drawing courses, we were kicked out of class and told to compose ten small sketches inside a building of our choice, anywhere on the KU campus.

Each one had to explore a different art element and/or design principle. Mostly what I remember was a lot of walking, but because of that assignment, I have never looked at a building the same way again, including the one in which I work: TSCPL.

Even if Michael Graves’ design isn’t your style, you have to admit there are certain hallways, corners, and architectural elements where light and texture collide to produce stunning visuals.

Drawing: Mastering the Language of Visual Expression | 741.2 MIC

It’s all here: perspective, contrast, line, color, balance, rhythm—you’d be surprised how lovely a row of shelves or a recessed ceiling can look late in the afternoon.

So, the next time you have books to return or a meeting to attend, why not grab your sketchbook and spend an hour or so brushing up on your drawing skills? It’s just one more way you can use your Library. PS—There are tons of photo opportunities in here as well.

The following are some example spaces that illustrate selected art elements and design principles:




















































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