Create Miniature Magic

Magical Inspiration

A fairy houseBring imaginary worlds to life and invite a little magic into your home or yard with fairy houses. Fairies are a part of the myths and legends of many cultures. Believing in something beyond your everyday life can bring out your inner artist.

Recently the hobby of building inviting places for your imaginary friends has become very popular. Bestselling fantasy fiction and movies inspire people to create extraordinary domiciles and habitats for the fairies of their own fantasies. These beautiful and cleverly constructed houses are usually tiny and whimsical.

Find Building Materials

Fairy houses are often associated with flowers and other aspects of the woods and nature. You can use found objects from nature as building materials. Use twigs, rocks, bark and moss to make fairy houses look quite at home in the garden. Add a dash of magic with any kind of colorful, frilly, glittery notions.

All kinds of furnishings, household objects and decor can be made from the small collection in your junk drawer. With a little patience, imagination and maybe some glitter you can make almost anything – a bead, a washer, a length of chain – an amazing component. Fairy houses can be made to sit on a mantle or nook in the house. An old book or teapot makes your magical mansion fit in any room.

Add miniature landscaping to outside fairy houses to integrate them into your garden. You can also tuck a fairy house into a hole in a tree, between branches or within exposed roots at the base of a tree or bush.

If you want a more polished effect or quicker progress, there are many pre-made houses and furnishings available in online catalogs and local stores. Some websites have opportunities for crafters and artists to discuss and share their work.

Adding Fairies

3D fairyMany fairy home creators include residents in their projects. You can use manufactured fairy statuettes or make your own. Use polymer clay to make realistic fairies and other figures. Some crafters use acorns, feathers and shells to design fanciful creatures.

You too could show off your vision of the fairy world. Be one of those who embrace making fairy houses to express your talents and creative process. Whatever your skill level or aspirations you can find hours of pleasure in building inviting homes for the fairies who visit your home or garden.

Find Ideas and Directions

fairy house built into a tree stumpSome people have truly lifted fairy houses to a fine art form. Admire and be inspired by these artists’ works online or in some amazing books. Check out this list of books available at your library. We have DIY project help and examples of the fantastic work of some truly magical artists.

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Jayme Lyons has worked in the library Bookmobile department for 20 years. Her energetic style and deep desire to connect with others helps her bring her subjects to life.