A procrastinator’s holiday tale

Christmas gift box stack on wooden table with handmade with love gift tagI am a procrastinator – I set a reminder six months ago to write this article. I even allowed myself an entire month to do it. The fact that I started writing on October 31 was a Halloween miracle! The fact that it is December 3 and it is just getting finished, is no surprise to anyone.

You may think procrastinators are lazy or thoughtless, but I’m here to tell you that is not the case. Procrastinators need to feel inspired. In many ways we are perfectionists, we just don’t always have the energy, time, finances or skills to do things the way we picture them in our minds.

Will my homemade Christmas gifts be ready on time?

Two years ago I had a great idea for a family Christmas gift. I would prepare all the supplies needed to make beautiful handmade books just like our art librarian, Brea, taught me in one of my favorite art programs. It would be a fun family activity resulting in lovely mementos for all. Even the teens would like it.

sketchbook and art suppliesWhat I failed to remember is that Brea puts LOTS of time and effort into the physical act of supply preparation: cutting, measuring, gluing, etc. I, on the other hand, spent lots of time and effort on the fun stuff: choosing decorative paper, coordinating fabric and binding thread, choosing brightly colored scissors, etc. I had all the supplies, I had Brea’s instructions, she even offered to help me prepare the supplies. All I had to do was get Brea and the supplies in the same room. Did I do that? No.

Christmas came and went with no beautiful handmade books. In typical procrastinator fashion, I decided to wait until the following year. In March COVID hit and Christmas plans fell to the bottom of my priority list. By the time I started thinking about it again, my family had become used to video chatting. I decided to mail the supplies to my out-of-town family, we’d connect digitally on Christmas, and I’d present it like a virtual program. I still needed to get Brea and the supplies in a room together. Did I do that? No

homemade holiday wrappingAnother Christmas came and went. This year presented me with tons of excuses to put off my preparations: COVID restrictions, vaccines, a broken rib, two hospital stays, two moves and a graduation. Luckily, because Brea is NOT a procrastinator, I finally got her in the same room with the supplies and they are all ready to go. Christmas is nigh! All I need to do is mail the supplies. Did I do that? Big sigh.

Quick holiday projects for procrastinators (and everyone else)

If you’re looking for some quick holiday projects as gifts or to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered. See my booklist below for a wide range of ideas and directions for really fun and personal projects anyone will love. Creativebug is another fabulous resource (free with your library card) if you prefer video instructions. Here are some I recommend, but I’m sure you’ll find many many other great projects if you surf Creativebug.

Recommended Creativebug projects

  • Anatomy of a Book
  • Japanese Side-Sewn Sketchbook
  • Post-It Holiday Wreath (even the name let’s you know this will be quick)
  • DIY Painted Gift Wrap

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