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songs of the season
Songs of the Season 2022

Date Group Time
12/2 Heritage Singers 11:30am
12/2 Cair Paravel Latin School Madrigals 12:30pm
12/3 Kansas Youth Chorale Noon
12/4 Topeka Acappella Unlimited 12:30pm
12/6 Highland Park High School Singers 11:30am
12/7 Hayden Singers 11:30am
12/7 Seaman High School Viking Show Choir 12:30pm
12/7 Topeka Collegiate Choir 1pm
12/8 Williams Elementary School 3rd Graders 11:30am
12/8 Seaman Middle School Viking Choir 12:30pm
12/8 Topeka High Advanced Jazz Ensemble 1pm
12/9 Jardine Middle School String Orchestra 11:30am
12/10 Symphonette Orchestra 11am
12/10 Silver Winds Flute Ensemble 12:30pm
12/11 Musical Journey Music Studio Students 1pm
12/12 Melodears 11am
12/12 Chase Middle School Orchestra 11:30am
12/13 Lawrence Woodwind Quintet Noon
12/14 St. Marys Sound 11:30am
12/14 Harpist Rob Banks Noon
12/15 Eisenhower Middle School Choir 11:30am
12/15 Soundstations for Royal Valley High School Noon
12/15 Topeka Lutheran School 12:30pm
12/16 North Fairview 6th Graders 11am
12/16 Eisenhower Orchestra 11:30am
12/17 Topeka Suzuki Strings 11:30am
12/19 Cornerstone Family School Choirs Noon
12/21 Logan Elementary Choir 11:30am

All Performances in the Rotunda at the Library

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