Team Rooms

Start meeting in one of our eight new team rooms, which double the space we had in the old study rooms. Team rooms provide a quiet space equipped with technology for groups of six people or fewer. Each room has a small conference table, a glass dry erase board (bring your own markers), and a 42” monitor with Microsoft Office, internet, speakers and a web cam.

While we are finishing the last steps on our reservation system you can use the rooms on a first come first served basis. This is on the honor system so please limit your time to three hours. Soon you will be able to reserve a team room online or in person on the iPad outside each room. You can reserve a room up to seven days in advance for up to three hours a day with your library card.

These new spaces have so many uses for groups in Shawnee County. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tutoring
  • Small book discussion group
  • Small business meeting
  • Class project or study sessions
  • Small committee/club meeting
  • Playing cards or a board game (Dungeons & Dragons perhaps)
  • Writers feedback group
  • Teaching a friend something on the computer
  • Homeschoolers doing lessons
  • Taking or presenting an online course
  • Filming a professional presentation
Team Room Rules