Request the Library at Your Event

If you would like the library to participate in your community event, please complete the form below. Requests should be made at least 6 weeks before your event.

If you’re a teacher looking for a program for a classroom, please do not complete this form. Teachers should visit the Kansas Connections page.

The library does not participate in the following events:

  • private events
  • events outside Topeka and Shawnee County
We will review the request to determine if the event is a good fit for the library. Your request will be reviewed based on several criteria including the following:

  • Does the event contribute to the library’s community impact goals?
  • How much staff time is needed at the event and how many staff will be attending?

Community Event Participation Request

  • What is the name of the community event?
  • List the date or dates of your community event.

    Please note: requests should be made at least 6 weeks before your event. If your event is within the next 6 weeks, contact Jacqueline Belden, Program Manager, directly at or 785-580-4519 before submitting your form.”

  • What organization is in charge of the community event? If multiple organizations are involved, please list the main three.
  • Where will the event be held? Please specify if this is an indoor or outdoor event.
  • What is the actual time your event will be open to the public?
  • What time will set-up begin?
  • What time will event tear-down end?
  • Please describe the goal(s) of your event.
  • Who do you expect to participate in this event? Include ages and interests.
  • How many people do you expect to attend or how many have attended this event previously?
  • Is this event free to the public or is there a fee to attend?
  • What do you want the library to do at the event? (Check all that apply.) All options are dependent on availability.
  • If you selected Other to the question above. Please describe how you would like us to participate in the event.
  • What equipment (tables, chairs, etc) will be provided for the library to use?
  • How much space is available for the library to use at the event?
  • Please include any additional information about the event.
  • List the name and phone number of the person we should contact about this event.
  • Please enter the contact person's email address.