Request a Meeting Room

To request a meeting room, please follow these steps:

  1. Plan ahead. You must make a meeting room request at least 3 days in advance. Events occurring outside regular library hours must be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.
  2. Request an account. First-time users, request an account prior to making your reservation.
  3. Make your request.  After you’ve been notified that your account has been set up, make a meeting room request.
  4. Stay in touch. The event coordinator will get in contact to discuss the event and other specifics.
  5. Follow up. You’ll need to submit a signed confirmation form to guarantee your room reservation.

Make Reservation Request

First-time User?

To use the online reservation system, you’ll first need to request an account be created.

Request an Account

Restrictions: Sales and/or the promotion of products or services, charging admission or registration fees, and/or soliciting donations (other than in conjunction with a program or event sponsored or hosted by the library, The Library Foundation, or the Friends of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library) are prohibited in meeting rooms and event spaces. Those hosting meetings or events may, however, recover the actual cost of the printed materials, food and beverages distributed or served at the meeting or event through a preregistration fee collected off library premises.

Room Availability
The library reserves first priority for use of any meeting room at all times. In rare instances, the library may pre-empt the scheduled use of a room. Room reservations may not conflict with the library’s public operations.

For Non-Profit
  • If non-profit groups need special equipment or staff operation of equipment, fees may apply.
  • Sign a confirmation and provide a copy to the event coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
  • For-profit private businesses, individuals, groups or organizations may reserve rooms on an “as available” basis for a rental fee.
  • Sign a confirmation and provide a copy to the event coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
  • Provide the room deposit at least 2 weeks before the event. The full balance is due on or before the date of the event.
Long Term Reservations
  • Groups may request consecutive meetings for 12 months; however, we can’t guarantee the same location each time.
  • Reservations may be requested up to 12 months in advance.
Changes or Cancellations
  • Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible by calling the events coordinator at 785-580-4495 or by using the form below.
  • The 24-hour notice is waived for weather-related cancellations.
  • The event is not canceled until the event coordinator issues a notice of cancellation.
  • A for-profit room cancellation with less than 24-hours notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit, unless the cancellation was initiated by the library. A non-profit room cancellation with less than 24-hours notice will result in a setup fee charge.

Request Reservation Cancellation or Change

Room Setup & Types
The event coordinator will assist with a room setup to accommodate meeting needs. Special room setups are limited to designated rooms.

This setup is a common setup for banquets or meetings with meals. This setup is comprised of 8′ X 2.5′ banquet tables seating 4 on each side of the table to accommodate 8 at each table
This setup is recommended for small groups (less than 20 people). All of the boardrooms, Anton, Menninger, Perkins, Hughes, Elmer and Lower Level Conference room have fixed boardroom setups that cannot be changed. For the auditorium rooms this setup is comprised of 8′ rectangular tables placed side by side to function as one large table. Chairs are placed around the tables.

Boardroom add chair
This setup is a boardroom style setup with additional chairs around the perimeter of the room. This setup is used in the boardrooms, Anton, Menninger, Perkins, Hughes and Lower Level Conference room when attendance goes over the number that can be accommodated around the table.

Chevron Style
This is similar to the classroom style setup but with the tables angled facing a podium. This setup is orientated for events that have discussion as well as presentation.
Classroom Style
This is used primarily for conferences and other lectures requiring writing by attendees. Narrow 8′ X 1.6′ rectangular tables with up to 4 seats each are setup in rows facing a podium.
Hollow Square
This setup is similar to the U-shape except that it is enclosed on all sides and can accommodate a larger group. It is not oriented for presentation, but rather for discussion.
Rounds for 6
This setup is common for banquets or meetings with meals. It is comprised of 48″ tables surrounded with 6 chairs each. The 48″ tables have plywood tops and require tablecloths that can be ordered from the Millennium Café.
Semi-Circle Chairs
This setup is appropriate for children’s programs when floor seating is used. Semi-Circle chairs can be setup at the back of the room facing a podium for those not able to sit on the floor.
Stadium Style
This setup is used for meetings and lectures in a large narrow room and consists of chairs in angled rows facing a podium. It is similar to the Semi Circle Chairs style except it incorporates at least two isles to accommodate larger groups. This setup is used to orientate the group closer to the podium.
Theater Style
This is best for general meetings and lectures for any size group. It consists of chairs in rows facing either a podium or head table. This setup incorporates one off center aisle.
U Shape Tables
This setup is appropriate for presentations to groups of 30 or under. It is arranged with 8′ X 1.6′ rectangular tables in a U-shape surrounded on the outside by chairs and orientating the open end to the front of the room. This setup can also be done without the tables for groups that do not require tables for writing