Mark your calendar for Identity Quest 2022 – Sat & Sun, Nov 12 & 13, 2022!


The Casting Application for Identity Quest 2022 is now open! If you are interested in having your family history revealed, please fill out the Casting Application. Please make sure you attach a completed Pedigree Chart (Family Tree) to attach to your casting application.

2020 Identity Quest Virtual Conference

2020 Conference Syllabus / Presenter Handouts

The 2020 Identity Quest Virtual Conference was held Nov 14, 2020, with presentations about the latest genealogy research tools and demonstrations of heritage research. Click the Presentations link on the right to view the recorded presentations available.

This free Zoom event featured national speakers, Kenyatta Berry and Blaine Bettinger, who discussed DNA and how to research your family’s identity.

Activities during the virtual conference encouraged everyone to engage in the quest for their identity. Heritage experts presented 45-minute Zoom sessions on identity research, DNA, family trees, and learning about your family history.

One of the main features of our conference included four guests whose identities were revealed to them by our expert research team in between the conference sessions. See these interviews on our Presentations page.

2020 Featured Speakers

Blaine Bettinger
Blaine Bettinger
Kenyatta Berry
Kenyatta Berry