Exhibition Proposal Guidlines

The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is your connection to the arts: committed to inspiring curiosity, developing visual literacy, and building our community.

The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is located a short distance from the library entrance, just to the right of the rotunda. The gallery is approximately 1,836 sq. ft. with 311 ft. of wall space. Gallery plan.

Selection Process

The gallery is primarily seeking exhibitions that feature a minimum of three artists with art works focused on an embodied exhibition theme. Artists, please notice that although the gallery does not discourage solo artist exhibition proposals, we will caution you that group exhibitions are most often selected over solo exhibitions. The gallery rarely features solo shows for artists in the main gallery. To see examples of past exhibitions at the gallery please visit our Flickr site.

The gallery’s exhibitions schedule is planned two years in advance. The Sabatini staff will review each proposal and notify the submitter when the proposal is received. Proposals which are not selected for a scheduled exhibitions date will be kept on file for future exhibition opportunities.

Exhibit Guidelines

  • Exhibiting artists must be at least 18 years of age
  • All artwork must be original
  • Eligible works include 2D, 3D, installation, electronics and video art
  • All work must arrive ready to hang or display. 2D work will require appropriate wire hanger on the back. Sawtooth hangers are not acceptable
  • The Sabatini reserves the right to choose not to display any work that differs from those anticipated

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no fee for exhibitions at the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
  • Exhibition lengths vary in duration depending on the available space
  • The Sabatini provides insurance for artwork while on the library premises
  • Artists are responsible for delivery of their work to the Sabatini
  • Cost for shipping or delivery of all accepted works, to and from the gallery, will be absorbed by the artists(s)
  • The Sabatini does not sell artwork, if a visitor is interested in purchasing artwork from the exhibit, we will have them contact the artists directly
  • Any sold artwork must remain in the gallery until the end of the scheduled exhibition

Application Procedure

Prepare the following materials

Please do not send any materials that you wish to be returned.

  1. Exhibition proposal: 100-300 words explaining the concept of the proposed exhibitions to the exhibition committee:
    • What is the message of your work and/or the message of the entire group exhibition
    • The reasons why your exhibition will attract visitors to the museum
    • Possible programming ideas
  2. Artist statement: required from all participating artists
  3. Images: 10-15 images saved as JPEG files at 300 dpi with the dimensions no larger than 10 inches.
    • Image quality counts! Make sure images are clear, well lit, with appropriate orientation (verticals should not open as a horizontal file, etc.), and free of distracting backgrounds.
    • Images must be numbered sequentially (1-15) and should include your name. For example Jones001, Jones002, Jones003
    • If you are a Mac user, please save all of your files compatible for a PC
    • Video submissions should not be longer than five minutes and must be compatible with MS Windows (PC)
    • DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. The Sabatini Gallery does not accept original works for exhibition proposals and cannot be held responsible for originals sent to us
  4. Image list: typed list including the artist(s) full name, title, media, size, year, and insurance value is required. (Thumbnails of images are appreciated).
  5. Curriculum Vitae/Resume: CVs from all participating artists including education and prior exhibitions or experience Contact information is required for each artist, including full name, address, phone number, email and website (if available).
  6. A cover letter with contact information for the primary contact person who is presenting the proposal.

Submit application materials to the Sabatini Gallery

Applications may be submitted electronically (via email) or via postal mail.

Send the Dropbox or Google Drive link for the digital exhibitions proposal to gallery@tscpl.org

Mail your materials to:

Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
1515 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604

A reply will be sent within 20 days confirming your application was received.