About the Sabatini Gallery

The History of the Sabatini Gallery

glass art pieceThe Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is home to Topeka’s oldest public art collection. The nucleus of this collection was created when library board member Edward Wilder purchased a large collection of Art Nouveau glass and ceramics for the library while on a tour of Europe in 1901.The collection has expanded over the years to include regional paintings and prints, American contemporary ceramics, glass paperweights, West African decorative arts, southwest reliquary woodcarvings and 19th century Chinese decorative arts. Popular annual shows include the Topeka Competition, the Printed Image: a contemporary prints exhibit and the Children’s Show.

The library gallery was formally renamed The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery in 2002 after the current library facility opened. The Sabatini Gallery is named to honor the memory of local artist, educator, designer and philanthropist Alice C. Sabatini.

Gallery Administration

Marie Pyko
Public Services Director
785-580-4560 | mpyko@tscpl.org
Debbie Stanton
Public Services Supervisor
785-580-4518 | dstanton@tscpl.org


Gallery Staff

Zan Popp
Curator of Exhibitions
785-580-4586 | zpopp@tscpl.org
Sherry Best
Curator of Collections
785-580-4516 | sbest@tscpl.org


Brea Black
Art Librarian
785-580-4512 | bblack@tscpl.org

Betsy Knabe Roe
Gallery Educator
785-580-4577 | eroe@tscpl.org