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Fresh Graphic Novels

Barbarian Lord by Matt Smith Similar to Shrek, Barbarian Lord is ousted from his farm because (in part) he has not been friendly with his neighbors. Supplied with a boat and an onion tied to his belt, he begins a quest to find King Hammerheart who may be able to help Barbarian Lord get his […]


We Read Banned Books

Our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) made a short video for Banned Books Week that discusses why it’s important to read books not everyone agrees with. Check it out!

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The Ear, the Eye and the Arm

The Ear, the Eye and the Arm, a Newbery Honor book by Nancy Farmer, tells the story of Tendai, a bored, thirteen-year-old boy who lives in Zimbabwe in the year 2194. He and his younger brother and sister (Kuda and Rita) are not allowed to leave their secure, highly fortified household. Their strict father is […]

The Stepsister's Tale

Cinderella Doesn’t Shine in the Stepsister’s Tale

Explore the other side of the story in Tracy Barrett’s fantastic alternative telling of Cinderella, The Stepsister’s Tale. The story is historical fantasy fiction with a strong fairy tale atmosphere.

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Mock the Movie Clueless

Mock the Movie Clueless edition Wednesday September 10th 6:00 PM-7:30 PM The Edge. Watch Clueless and have fun making jokes about Cher, Dionee, Tai, and Josh. Bring your phone or other texting device and help us mock the movie together. Just text in your witty comments and they’ll show up on the screen as the movie plays. Clueless is about […]

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The Fault In Our Stars

Need to know what other people think of this hot book? Check out our Teen Advisory Board’s review!


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