Main Gallery

Topeka Competitions 33
NOV 10 – JAN 7, 2018
This national three-dimensional competition showcases a wide variety of work from around the country.

African-American Builders of Topeka
JAN 19 – MAR 11
Highlighting the ordinary and extraordinary stories of African-Americans in Topeka and Shawnee County, this is a community-driven exhibitions.

In the Studio: Book artists at work
MAR 25 – MAY 6
Visit the studios of various book artists and learn ho they create these wonderful works of art.

Music and Art!
MAY 25 – AUG 19
See music and hear art play together. Explore the world of music and art at this year’s summer exhibit.

The Printed Image 7
SEPT 7 – OCT 21
This national juried print competition features artists working in hand-pulled print media and presents the latest concepts and techniques in printmaking.

Over There: Americans Abroad in World War I
NOV 9 – JAN 6, 2019
This traveling exhibitions showcase World War I overseas military photography from the immense photographic holdings of he National Archives. The exhibition includes photographs from the fronts, behind the lines, and the consequences of the war as well as how it was remembered.

Front Gallery

2Book Topeka: 1893 World’s Fair Exhibit
SEPT 26 – NOV 12, 2017
Discover the excitement and wonder surrounding the World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition and life in the 1890s. View newspapers, illustrations, photographs and ads of the time. Also see the impact the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair still has today.

Exhibition Archive

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