2014 is the Year of Art & Science at the Sabatini Gallery. We will be looking at the different ways that art can connect with physics, chemistry, and biology to psychology and sociology.

For past exhibition information, jump to our exhibition archive below. You may also visit our Exhibition photo archive on our Flickr page.

2014 Calendar—Main Gallery

  • FEB 8 – MAR 30
    Kansas Burns

    Artists inspired by Kansas’ annual, controlled prairie burns
  • APR 18 – JUN 8
    The Printed Image 5

    National, juried, biennial printmaking competition
  • JUN 28 – AUG 24
    Ramp It Up! Skateboard Culture in Native America

    13th Annual Art Exhibit for Children
    A traveling exhibit organized by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and circulated by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.
  • AUG 25 – NOV 6
    Main Gallery closed for maintenance and lighting installation

  • NOV 7, 2014 – JAN 4, 2015
    Against the Grain: Contemporary Woodworkers

    Discover the breadth of materials and techniques

2014 Calendar—Front Gallery

  • FEB 10 – APR 25
    Wood Fired: Ceramics from the Permanent Collection

    An exploration of the oldest-known clay-firing technique
  • APR 28 – JUN 15
    Curate This!

    Annual, teen-curated permanent collection exhibit
  • JUN 16 – AUG 24
    Identities: Bunky Echo-Hawk

    Identities explores the tension between the past and the present through the eyes of Pawnee/Yakama artist, Bunky Echo-Hawk and his experiences as 21st-century American.
  • AUG 25 – NOV 9
    Crystal Color: Work from the Permanent Collection

    A look into the making of and beauty within glass

Exhibition Archive