Hear Playful Pianists July 19 at 7pm

Playful Pianists from Around the World
Thursday, July 19, 2012  7:00 PM–8:00 PM
Marvin Auditorium 101BC

Enjoy this world-class opportunity to hear young musicians from around the globe perform on a Steinway grand piano. This special performance is brought to you by young pianists attending the 2012 International Institute for Young Musicians at the University of Kansas. Here’s an interview with its president and CEO Scott Smith about what those in attendance can expect to hear.

Q. These kids that are performing can really play that piano—how much do they have to practice?

A. At the International Institute for Young Musicians, they practice three to five hours a day. At home, their practice time will have to be fit in around homework and other responsibilities, so it will vary somewhat from day to day. It might range from two to six hours daily.

Q. Do they enjoy practicing? Do they do regular stuff like school and sports?

A. They are normal, bright kids who like sports, video games and chatting online. They are unique in that they have this special talent that requires them to focus much more intensely than is usual for students their age.

Q. What are the age ranges of the young people that attend the institute?

A. This year, our youngest is 11 and the oldest 18.

Q. Do think kids at the library might enjoy the program? After all, it is classical music, ugh!

A. What we always hear when audiences hear these young people is that they are amazed and enjoy every note. Good music is always good music, no matter what the genre.

Click for printable flier of the Institute’s schedule of events

Q. What can the audience expect at the program?

A concert of varied classical piano pieces, played by some of the top pre-college pianists in the world on the library’s Steinway piano.

Q. What is the Institute and when did it start?

A. I started our Summer Music Academy to provide world-class educational opportunities for top young pianists from across the globe. This is our 22nd season.

Q. Do the youngsters study other things besides piano at the Institute?  Do they have some time for fun, and if so what do they usually do around Lawrence?

A. They take other music classes and have time for recreational activity, shopping and hanging out–all the things young people like to do. But remember, for us musicians, making music is fun. It’s what we like to do. We consider ourselves lucky that our work is our hobby.




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