Activities & Materials

Activity Collection

There are magazines, guides, trivia books, skits, reminiscing kits, sing-a-longs, musical instruments, tactile and sensory items, and games to choose from. We even have resources that are geared specifically to holidays, months, and seasons.

Large Print Materials

The library has a wonderful collection of large print materials. It consists of non-fiction titles, a variety of fiction genres, paperback romances, newspapers, and magazines. All of these materials are housed in the Red Carpet Services area located across from the Main Checkout Desk.

Assistive Listening Devices

An assistive listening device is any type of gadget that can be used with or without hearing aids to help people with their everyday communications. Some of these items are alerting devices to aid with alarm clock, fire alarm, or doorbell notifications. Others can be amplified telephones that offer louder ringtones and a boosting capability that amplifies speaking volume. We also have text telephones, which allow users to type and read rather than speak and hear, as well as infared systems, induction loop coils, and one-to-one communicators. They circulate for three weeks just like any book or movie.

Low Vision

Are you or someone in your family living with low vision? If so, magnifiers and other assistive devices may help you or your loved one perform everyday activities that can be hindered by low vision. Finding the right device for an individual’s specific needs, however, can be difficult. That’s why the library offers a variety of magnifiers and devices to use on site or checkout.