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  • All computers in the Computer Training Center have Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 2007 and 2010 are very similar to 2013).
  • All classes are free and open to all. However, registration is recommended. To register fill out the online registration form, or call 785-580-4606, or email
  • Other classes may be offered on an occasional basis.

Beginning Classes

Designed for the new computer user and presented at a relaxed pace. We recommend taking the classes listed below in the order listed. We encourage you to repeat these classes as many times as you wish.

Taming Your Mouse
Learn the proper way to hold and move the mouse. Learn about checkboxes, radio buttons, scroll bars and more. Practice mouse skills by playing Mouserobics and Mousing Around. Click on the blue links to go to these fun web sites and practice your mouse skills. If you can’t make one of these sessions, register for a Computer & Gadget Help session to get started. See the description of these sessions at the bottom of this page.
Handouts: Mouse Handout

Windows for Beginners
Learn Windows basics. Learn about the mouse, desktop, icons, task bar, and keyboard. Learn to minimize and maximize windows. Learn about Windows 8 features such as tiles, charms bar, and other new features. Use Windows accessories including the calculator and WordPad.
Handouts: Windows 7  | Windows XP | Windows 8 for Beginners

Internet Introduction
Learn basic internet functions and visit a variety of sites for information and entertainment.
Handouts: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 | Internet Explorer 10

Email for Beginners
Learn to login to an account and to open, delete, reply to, forward and forward email messages.
Handouts: Yahoo Email

Beyond the Basics

Take the following classes when you feel ready for more challenging projects. These are presented at a faster pace than beginning classes.

Google It
Google does more than find webpages. Search for information, images, videos, maps, and shop on the Internet. See your home with Google Maps and learn about even more Google apps and software.
Handouts: Google It

Ebooks & Digital Music, Movies and Magazines
Access the digital library anytime on your home computer or device using our free apps! Get a quick tour of our Digital Branch and learn how to use ebooks with Overdrive, magazines with Zinio, music with Freegal and movies with Hoopla.

Word I: Introduction to Word Processing
Get started with the basics of Microsoft Word. Learn to use fonts, language tools and some basic editing techniques. This class also helps you better use email and the Internet.
Handouts: Word 2007 handout | Word 2003 handout | Word I 2013 handout

Word II: Intermediate Word Processing
Using Microsoft Word, edit text, form a header and footer, create a Word table to organize information and insert clipart, photos or WordArt into your document.
Handouts: Tables Tabs Columns 2007 | Cut Copy Paste 2007

Word: Mail Merge & Mailing Labels
Create mailing labels, envelopes, personalized letters, and directories by combining a Word form and a data table created in Word or Excel.
Handouts: Word Mail Merge 2007 | Word Mail Merge 2003

Excel: Introduction to Spreadsheets
Learn about cells, columns, rows, AutoSum, simple formulas, number formats, and page setup features.
Handouts: Excel Intro 2007 | Excel Intro 2003 | Excel Intro 2013

Excel: Lists
Familiarity with basic Excel is required for this class. Learn to create field names, sort lists, and link worksheets. Find out how to create lists that can be used in our Word: Mail Merge and Mailing Labels class.
Handouts: Excel Lists 2007 | Excel Lists 2003 | Excel Lists 2013

Create a dynamic presentation from start to finish. Learn to insert slides, add text, graphics, transitions and animations.
Handouts: PowerPoint 2007 | PowerPoint 2003

Facebook for Beginners 
Sign up for a Facebook account and learn the basics of this popular social networking site. Be sure to bring your email address and email password. If you already have an account, please bring your Facebook password. Registration required.

Pinterest for Beginners
Come learn about Pinterest, a simple, online way to organize images, projects, ideas and favorites. Open an account, create boards and begin pinning! Learn to install the “Pin It” button and how to find pins in particular categories or follow other pinners. Be sure to bring your Pinterest password if you have an account or bring your email address and email password if you don’t.
Handouts: Pinterest

Editing Digital Photos
Learn to crop, rotate, resize, reduce red eye, play with color and use special effects on your digital photos using Google’s Picasa, free online software you can download to your computer.
Handouts: Picasa

Ebooks for Your Kindle or Android Tablet
Bring your Kindle or Android tablet and your library card. Learn to download free library ebooks to your device. Come prepared to to share your favorite tablet features with the group. Registration required.

iPad Workshop
Bring your iPad and your library card and learn to download free library ebooks. Staff and participants share their favorite apps or iPad features with each other. Registration required.

Computer & Gadget Help

Registration required for these casual sessions. Bring your questions about your laptop, tablet, ereader, digital camera, or cell phone. Practice new computer skills or learn to use the library catalog while instructors are available to assist. This is also a good time to learn more advanced computer techniques, learn to use a scanner or work on job applications and resumes. Call or email before the session and tell us what gadget you’re bringing so that we can best serve you. Register now