Requests for Proposals

Millennium Café Kitchen Floor Resurface

The Millennium Café has a full-service kitchen with a continuous floor surface which was installed in 2000. This flooring has normal wear and tear from seventeen years of continuous use. This project will cover the entire kitchen area, minus those spaces under non-moveable equipment such as walk-in refrigerator.

  • Request for Proposal (PDF)
  • Addendum #1 – Mandatory Site Visit
    Tuesday, May 30, 2017  11:30 am  Millennium Café

Asbestos Containing Material Abatement

In preparation for demolition, the property at 1001 SW Garfield was tested and found to contain asbestos containing materials. In accordance with USEPA, friable materials are required to be abated prior to demolition. These materials will be up to 50 rigid pipe fittings and impacted fiberglass insulation.

Demolition of the Medical Plaza Building

In 2016, the Library acquired the property at 1001 SW Garfield, Topeka, Kansas, including the 4-story medical office building located on it. The property at 1001 SW Garfield is not compatible with the Library’s facility needs, and is in poor condition requiring significant improvements. Therefore, the Library has determined to demolish the building and utilize the property at 1001 SW Garfield as additional parking. The scope of work for this project shall include:

  • Demolition of the building
  • Removal of demolition debris from the site and proper disposal off-site
  • Removal of selected areas of asphalt paving and proper disposal off-site
  • Earth fill and grading to prepare the site for paving

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