Zoo Animals Live

Black Snake, King Snake & Water Snake

Dennis Dinwiddie brought a variety of snakes to the Zoo Animals Live program for June. All of the snakes reside at the Topeka Zoo and are used in educational programs. Therefore, they are all accustomed to being held and are nonpoisonous.

Many snakes benefit people. There are several different kinds of king snakes. The picture on the left shows a California King Snake. They are beneficial because they eat poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes.

Everyone was allowed to touch the snakes. Dennis asks those people who did touch the snakes to rub their fingers together. Are they slimy from touching the snakes? No, snakes are not slimy. Do snakes smell? No, snakes are very clean reptiles.

A Boa Constrictor was also on display and is featured in the picture on the right. These snakes can grow to be very large; 3-13 feet long and weigh up to 60 pounds.

Dennis also brought a Bearded Dragon which is native to Australia. Lizards are different from snakes because they have ears and legs. Snakes don’t have legs or ears but because all of their body touches the ground they are able to feel vibrations.