Summer Reading Tip #4: Read, then Watch or Watch, then Read

Kids love movies, and movies based on books (or books based on movies) can be an easy way to get your kids interested in reading. Reading a book aloud before watching the movie together can be a fun family activity, especially on those days when it’s just too hot to spend much time outdoors.  It’s also okay to watch the movie first, then read the book.  My 6-year-old listened all the way through Alice in Wonderland precisely because she enjoyed Tim Burton’s rendition so much.  Otherwise, that story would have likely been put away until she (and her attention span) grew a bit more. There are lots of kids books based on popular TV shows as well– check out the bookshelves below to find one that your child will enjoy.  Whether you kid is into Martha Speaks or Shake It Up!, you could be in for a pleasant surprise when you find an engaging and entertaining book that helps your child want to read!  They may not all be time-honored classics like Charlotte’s Web or Old Yeller, but any book that keeps reading fun will help your kiddo build reading skills, and when they like to read and want to read, that’s worth a lot!

Books for Young Kids based on TV Characters

Open “Aliens attack!” in catalog Aliens attack! Open “Another monster at the end of this book” in catalog Another monster at the end of this book Open “At the carnival” in catalog At the carnival Open “The best dog house ever!” in catalog The best dog house ever! Open “Blue train, green train” in catalog Blue train, green train Open “But, excuse me, that is my book” in catalog But, excuse me, that is my book
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Arthur Books and Movies

Open “Arthur and the school pet” in catalog Arthur and the school pet Open “Arthur and the true Francine” in catalog Arthur and the true Francine Open “Arthur. Arthur sells out” in catalog Arthur. Arthur sells out Open “Arthur babysits” in catalog Arthur babysits Open “Arthur. Brain's shocking secret” in catalog Arthur. Brain's shocking secret Open “Arthur breaks the bank” in catalog Arthur breaks the bank
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Books for Older Kids based on TV Characters

Open “5-minute Marvel stories.” in catalog 5-minute Marvel stories. Open “Annoying Orange. 1, Secret agent Orange” in catalog Annoying Orange. 1, Secret agent Orange Open “Batman : going ape” in catalog Batman : going ape Open “Best Bikini Bottom stories ever!.” in catalog Best Bikini Bottom stories ever!. Open “The big bad blizzard” in catalog The big bad blizzard Open “The big win” in catalog The big win
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Read the Book, Watch the Movie

Open “5-minute Disney Pixar stories” in catalog 5-minute Disney Pixar stories Open “The adventures of Tom Thumb” in catalog The adventures of Tom Thumb Open “Alice's adventures in Wonderland” in catalog Alice's adventures in Wonderland Open “Anne of Green Gables” in catalog Anne of Green Gables Open “Attack of the evil minions” in catalog Attack of the evil minions Open “Black Beauty” in catalog Black Beauty
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Read the Book, Watch the Movie II

Open “Anakin in action!” in catalog Anakin in action! Open “Anne Frank : her life in words and pictures : from…” in catalog Anne Frank : her life in words and pictures : from… Open “Batman : the story of the Dark Knight” in catalog Batman : the story of the Dark Knight Open “Because of Winn-Dixie” in catalog Because of Winn-Dixie Open “The borrowers” in catalog The borrowers Open “Boys of steel : the creators of Superman” in catalog Boys of steel : the creators of Superman
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Just a friendly reminder, experts agree that screen time should be limited to no more than an hour or two per day, and children under age 2 should spend time with people, not screens.

Visit the Library every Friday afternoon at 2 pm this summer for Friday Flicks.  Please note this is a change to the schedule advertised in Library News. Our librarians will have a variety of materials related to the movie available for checkout, so your kids can grab a great book inspired by the movie before you leave the library!

The Croods cover image

June 13, The Edge

Despicable Me 2 cover art

June 20, Marvin Auditorium B

The LEGO movie cover art

June 27, Marvin Auditorium B

Monsters University cover art

July 11, Marvin Auditorium AB

The Nightmare Before Christmas cover art

July 18, Marvin Auditorium C

The Lorax Cover Image

July 25, The Edge

Dolphin Tale cover art

Aug 1, The Edge

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Natalie Moreland

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