Does Your School Measure Up?

As part of the SummerFest summer reading program, schools compete within districts and with each other to claim the title of Summer Reading Champions. However, students and non-students alike will benefit (and possibly win prizes) from reading with us this summer. Adults, teens and kids can sign up at

The area school with the highest percent of students to read 12 hours during our program win a trophy as well as having its name engraved on a plaque in the library.

Last year’s winning school was Indian Hills Elementary. It’s students read more than 2,100 hours during summer vacation.

“Schools can get competitive over this because summer reading programs keep kids ready for school,” said LeAnn Petrie, Youth Services supervisor. “Normally, kids suffer from learning loss over the summer, but reading can reinforce some of those skills to keep them on track. It’s a very school-friendly program.”

You’ll have to wait until the end of the program on July 29 to see how many students from each school actually completed our program. However, you can check below to see the amount of students who have signed up to participate from each school. There is still time to help your school get to the top, so sign up now and get reading at

Auburn Elementary- 27 percent

Avondale East Elementary- 3 percent

Avondale West Elementary- 12 percent

Berryton Elementary- 22 percent

Bishop Elementary- 10 percent

Cair Paravel Latin- 25 percent

Christ the King Elementary- 15 percent

Elmont Elementary- 14 percent

Farley Elementary- 22 percent

Heritage Christian- 10 percent

Highland Park Central Elementary- 9 percent

Holy Family Catholic-10 percent

Indian Hills Elementary- 34 percent

Jay Shideler Elementary- 34 percent

Linn Elementary- 2 percent

Logan Elementary- 6 percent

Lowman Hill Elementary- 12 percent

Lundgrun Elementary- 1 percent

Mater Dei Catholic- 28 percent

McCarter Elementary- 11 percent

McClure Elementary- 15 percent

McEachron Elementary- 6 percent

Meadows Elementary- 15 percent

Most Pure Heart of Mary- 13 percent

North Fairview Elementary- 18 percent

Pauline Central Elementary- 24 percent

Pauline South Elementary- 19 percent

Pleasant Hill Elementary- 13 percent

Quincy Elementary- 2 percent

Quinton Heights Elementary- 3 percent

Randolph Elementary- 15 percent

Rochester Elementary- 17 percent

Ross Elementary- 7 percent

Rossville Grade- 3 percent

Scott Magnet- 4 percent

Shaner Elementary- 7 percent

Shawnee Heights Elementary- 23 percent

Silver Lake Grade- 8 percent

St. Matthew- 17 percent

State Street Elementary- 6 percent

Stout Elementary- 10 percent

Tecumseh North Elementary- 12 percent

Tecumseh South Elementary- 14 percent

Topeka Adventist- 67 percent

Topeka Collegiate- 7 percent

Topeka Lutheran- 19 percent

Wanamaker Elementary- 17 percent

West Indianola Elementary- 15 percent

Whitson Elementary- 12 percent

Williams Magnet- 7 percent

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  • Alba

    The homeschool community should be a category on “Does your school measure up?”

  • Sally

    Lawrence Virtual School should be an option for “Does your school measure up?”

  • Please add Perry-Lecompton too.

  • Marie Pyko

    We do have homeschoolers identified as a category but currently don’t have a listing of how many students in Topeka and Shawnee County are homeschooled. If you have a good tool for us to use as our benchmark for homeschoolers I would appreciate your help. There are currently 199 Homeschool students participating in our Summerfest reading challenge.

  • Marie Pyko

    Sally and Kathy, in terms of Lawrence Virtual School and Perry-Lecompton while these students can participate in our program through our reciprocal relationship with other counties those two schools, our recognition program focuses on our district library service area which is Topeka and Shawnee County. Thank you for sharing that we have a growing community outside our traditional county borders.