Adventuremobile – Meet Sadie the Rat

pet ratOh, Rats! The prevailing opinion is that all rats are creepy, unsanitary, and aggressive. But visit with Sadie and your opinion of these fascinating creatures may just change.

Sadie is a city girl – born to be a prized pet, she is curious and friendly. She never met a person she didn’t like (she is even trying to win the cat over). As a fine representative of her species Sadie doesn’t bite, is careful not to scratch and loves to be held and petted.

Come visit Sadie on the Adventuremobile between July 20 – July 24 to learn what makes rats great pets – no large fenced yard needed and they can even learn tricks just like a dog! Don’t forget to get your Critter Card stamped. You can also log your reading time and pick up Summerfest prizes. Check the Adventuremobile schedule to find a stop near you.

Adventuremobile Schedule

*Note:  On Thursdays and Fridays the weekly critter may leave the stop by 2:30pm due to schedule constraints. 

Michelle Stottlemire

Michelle is a fifth-generation Kansan who has a passion for history, radical home-making and science fiction. When not on one of TSCPL's bookmobiles she can be found educating students at surrounding schools with dynamic programming.

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  • Katrina

    Rats make great pets- but they need company, so make sure you get at least two (of the same sex, or get them spayed/neutered).