Outdoor Kitchens


Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time to get started cooking outside. The Library has several books that can help you design your outdoor cooking space.

Creative Homeowner Best Signature Outdoor Kitchens is a showcase of top outdoor kitchens. It contains designs for 60 kitchens equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. Take a look at over 150 colorful photos and floor plans. This book will show any homeowner how to turn their deck, patio, or any outside area into the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens: Ideas for Planning, Designing, and Entertaining by Joseph Provey and Owen Lockwood highlights fully-equipped outdoor kitchens from across the country. Included is information on planning and designing, budgeting, picking appliances, creating food prep areas, and even outdoor dining spaces.

The Home Neighborhood contains these books and also books on designing other outdoor rooms.