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christmas cookies2

Baking and Cooking for the Holidays

The decorations are up, the holiday music is playing, but it’s not really “the holidays” until you can smell those delicious buttery cookies baking! Find your goodies in the library’s Cooking Neighborhood.

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Simply Snack Time!

The holidays are quickly approaching and with that comes, at least for me, the feeling that I just don’t have enough time. In the age of social media, I constantly see people posting all these pictures of amazing snack foods that they are taking to various get-togethers. I see intricately decorated cookies and perfectly designed […]

Chicken Taco Bowl1

Good Food Fast!

  Have you ever reached dinner time and wished that there was a good home-cooked meal there, but you just know that you don’t have time to make it? I know that I have. When I first learned how to cook, I assumed that meals took forever to make, so it must be easier to […]


Can someone else make dinner?

Can someone else make dinner? Please? I don’t know about you, but I’ve asked myself that question so many times! Most of the time, I still have to make dinner and the next best thing to having someone else make dinner is having something that can be quickly and easily assembled so that I don’t […]


7 Reasons You’ll Love the Monday Farmers Market

It’s farmers market season, and you can get your market “fix” at the library! It’s so convenient to pick up some produce and your books.

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Let’s Jam

Summer is coming and if you’re like me, you are ready for some delicious fresh fruit. I spent many hours as a kid picking fruit from my great aunt’s cherry tree, and then many more hours removing the pits. My brother, sister & I would lean precariously off step ladders under the trees trying to […]


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