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Tips and tools for tracing your family tree, upcoming cultural events, read about books with a Kansas connection, and meet our resident genealogy experts. Plus, stuff from our art/history vault.

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2014 Bookmobile

From Branches to Bookmobiles

Did you know for a time the library had branches? It did. Through a creative partnership with school district the Library placed branches in 6 public schools by 1932. Some were open only during the school day, others during the summer. All served children as well as adults. By the end of the era of […]


Make Plans to Attend the Neighborhood Fair

Learn about the history of your neighborhood and the city of Topeka at the Neighborhood Fair May 10 from 10am-3pm. Meet and mingle with community members as you learn about Topeka’s culture and heritage.

One man's story of genealogy research at the library

Obituary Reveals Details of Family Tragedy

Searching for your family history? Make your first stop our second floor, where you’ll find a room just for researching Topeka and Topekans. Learn how Mark found relatives he never knew existed.

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46th Annual Conference of the Topeka Genealogical Society

Join our partner, Topeka Genealogical Society, for its annual conference April 26. Learn the most-often overlooked sources for genealogists.

Bossler Foyer

Topeka Room Tour — The Bossler Foyer

Welcome to the first room in the Topeka Room Suite. It is the Keith and Bette Bossler Foyer. In this space is the staff desk, as well as art and architectural remnants with links to Topeka’s past.  I’ll just highlight a couple of items here. To see more, please visit us in person. When you […]

Welcome to the Topeka Room Suite

Welcome to the Topeka Room suite!

Come on in!  You can find us on the second floor of the library in Room 204. The Topeka Room suite houses our Local History and Genealogy collections and resources. The suite consists of four rooms including the Keith and Bette Bossler Foyer, the research room, the Dr. Phillip and Betty Baker Genealogy Center, and […]


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