Prepare for Severe Weather and Be a Force of Nature!

Disclaimer: I’m not in charge of the emergency preparedness kit at my house.

I want to be a responsible adult, I do. But news headlines about tornadoes destroying towns terrify me, and when I start imagining my own home destroyed, my family missing or hurt…I get scared and sad, so much that I’d rather not think about it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much to help my family be ready in case of an emergency or disaster.

I’m never going to be excited about severe weather, and maybe you aren’t either.

The good news is that we can use these checklists and other guidelines to get the “right stuff” ready to go, and then hope we never actually need it!

Download Basic Disaster Supplies Kit checklist and talk to your family about a Family Emergency Plan.

Watch a call to action from FEMA to learn how to become a Force of Nature in your community.

National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is April 22 to April 28. This initiative highlights the importance of planning and practicing how and where to take shelter before severe weather, such as tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, strike.

If severe weather intrigues you and you want to learn more, check out:

  • Handbook to practical disaster preparedness for the family by Arthur T. Bradley
  • Prepare for the worst, plan for the best: disaster preparedness and recovery for small businesses by Donna R. Childs
  • Survival mom: how to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst-case scenarios by Lisa  Bedford
  • Extreme weather: a guide to surviving flash floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, snowstorms, tsunamis, and other natural disasters by Bonnie Schneider
  • Just in case: how to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens by Kathy Harrison

Browse the Safety, Self-defense and Survival books in the Health Neighborhood in the  Adult West Wing at 613.862.

Do you love the excitement of a big storm or would you rather see blue skies? What have you done to prepare your own emergency supply kit?

Lissa Staley

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