For your health: What ONE thing will you do differently next year?

Yes, this is a New Year’s Resolution post. And yes, many people make resolutions they don’t keep. But your health is more important than a fad diet or weight-loss gimmick. 

Research health information from sources you trust and choose ONE thing you want to change to improve your health.

What ONE thing will you change for your health next year?

You might already know what you need to do. Maybe your doctor has advised a positive change for your health, or you have been researching health information on your own. Or you could choose something from Life’s Simple 7 from the American Heart Association:

Check the comments below to see what ONE change I am doing differently next year to improve my health. And then, post your own ONE thing and commit to making a positive change in your health in 2012.

The library website doesn’t seem like the most obvious place to post your healthy goal, but libraries help people learn new things, research possibilities and make life changes every day.

And the resources in the Health Information Neighborhood are designed to help support you as you improve your health — including a LifeClinic station for monitoring your blood pressure and pulse, and a digital scale for monitoring your weight and BMI.

Find more ideas, research and support

  • My Life Check was designed by the American Heart Association with the goal of improved health by educating the public on how best to live. These measures have one unique thing in common: any person can make these changes, the steps are not expensive to take and even modest improvements to your health will make a big difference. Start with one or two. This simple, seven step list has been developed to deliver on the hope we all have–to live a long, productive healthy life.
  • American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women – Choose to Reduce your Risk
  • DASH Eating Plan from the National Institutes of Health, or a  DASH diet description from the Mayo Clinic
  • Ask for help – Health Information Librarian Lissa Staley is available to assist your research – email or call 785-580-4555 to make an appointment.

Lissa Staley

Lissa Staley helps people use the library. She is a Book Evangelist, Health Information Librarian, Arts & Crafts Librarian, Trivia Emcee, Classics Made Modern book group leader, and frequent library customer, especially with her children. She reads a new book every few days, but recently loved Adorkable by Sarra Manning, Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman and Tin Star by Cecil Castellucchi.

  • Lissa Staley

    For 2012, the one thing I will do differently for my health is to choose to drink water instead of cherry coke zero. This will decrease my caffeine and aspartame intake, and will hopefully lead to other healthy choices too!

  • Bill Ludwig

    My 2012 ONE thing is to start a daily yoga and exercise routine and stick with it.

  • Janae Staley

    Cook meals that don’t destroy our cholesterol? It’s something I meant to start a month or two ago that didn’t quite take off….we’ll see…. 😉

  • Susan Schafer

    The one thing I will do differently in 2012 is take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Erin Seeger

    For 2012, I will try to run most days.

  • Carrie

    In 2012 I want to cook regular meals at home that are healthy and then we will spend more time together as a bonus.

  • Tricia

    I am going to cut back on sugar and increase my fruit and veggies.

  • Ruthie Rodden

    I am going to de-clutter my home and my office. All the clutter is stressful and unproductive. This will give me more time to do productive work. At home this will give me more time to quilt, walk, and run, things that I really want to do!

  • Nancy

    Oh to just pick one! Strive to intake less that 15 gs of sugar a day.

  • Lynn Shirley

    I will continue to do everything that has helped my A1C (blood sugar readings) go from a high of 11.8 to the present 5.7, I will also work to bring my Cholesterol into heatly numbers.

  • Alex Cummings

    I’d like to continue reducing sugar intake. I’ve done ok so far, but I could probably make more strides. I’d also really like to get back in the habit of flossing and mouthwash at night.

  • Linda Lucero

    I need to increase my servings of fruit from one to at least 2/day.

  • Rob Ramcharan

    I’m going to quit letting stuff like this bother me, even when it happens in our town.

  • Theresa Hrabusicky Alred

    Eat better. More fish, less fried foods. More veggies and fruits.

  • Angie Foltz

    I am going to get up a half hour early each day so I will have time to eat a HEALTHY breakfast!

  • Sherry

    My husband told me that he’d bought memberships to the YMCA yesterday. That’s memberships plural, which means he’ll be expecting me to do something with mine.

  • Ross Merritt

    SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR! My resolution is to not buy sweets when I’m grocery shopping. I will allow myself to indulge at other people’s homes, etc, but not in my own house.

    This should be doable right? Baby Steps :)

  • Michael

    I am going to try to be more active in helping people get healthy. So my ONE thing is to begin to write a blog about my own journey to get healthy and fit. Hopefully it will help and inspire others to do the same.