What’s in Your Top 5?

As much as I despise the Hollywood remake, I love the music industry’s equivalent, the cover song. A cover is a new recording of a previously released hit. Generally, artists record older favorites to generate more celebrity buzz for themselves or to produce a chart topper for newer generations. Cover songs, however, are a tricky road to navigate since new recordings attack sentimental associations we have with previous versions. A predicted hit may quickly turn into an artist’s worst nightmare. Therefore, for this blog post I decided to make two lists: My Top 5 Favorite Covers and The Top 5 Worst Covers of All-Time. If you think I missed a list-worthy song, add it below.

Favorite Covers

1. HurtCover by Johnny Cash (Original by Nine Inch Nails)

2. Smooth CriminalCover by Alien Ant Farm(Original by Michael Jackson)

3. Hazy Shade of WinterCover by the Bangles (Original by Simon & Garfunkel)

4. I Fought the LawCover by The Clash(Original by The Bobby Fuller Four)

5. Higher GroundCover by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Original by Stevie Wonder)

Worst Covers

1. Sweet Child O’ Mine-Cover by Sheryl Crow (Original by Guns ‘N’ Roses)

2. I Shot the Sheriff-Cover by Eric Clapton (Original by Bob Marley)

3. Heaven-Cover by DJ Sammy and Yanou (Original by Bryan Adams)

4. American Pie-Cover by Madonna (Original by Don MacClean)

5. Behind Blue Eyes-Cover by Limp Bizkit (Original by The Who)

  • Lissa

    Okay, so I love the Dynamite Hack alternative rock cover of Boyz-n-the-Hood by Eazy-E.

  • Kelli

    That is a good one… My radio station plays it a lot.