What’s in your Top 5?

Top GunThe Fourth of July in Kansas is generally accompanied by hot and steamy weather. Therefore, many of us escape the heat of the day on our couches until it’s time to light the fireworks. In my case, I usually have a little movie marathon to pass the time. Since this holiday is special, I believe a patriotic theme is in order. Here are the my top 5 favorite films to watch for a Fourth of July marathon.

1. Top Gun

2. The Patriot

3. Forrest Gump

4. Saving Private Ryan

5. Red Dawn

Don’t see your favorite on the list? Post yours below.


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  • Lissa

    Dan wants to know “which red dawn”?

    My dad says “stripes” although “Independence Day” has the best title

    I am going with “Chasing Liberty” and “Air Force One” and of course “Dave”

    This inspired fun family car conversation, thanks!

  • Thad

    I always have to watch 1776 on the 4th.

  • Mark Rustman

    “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway” is a wonderful movie and celebrating the Fourth of July is an important part of the story.

  • Kelli

    To answer the Red Dawn question… I picked the 1984 version with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen.