The Ones That Got Away –Thirteen Disturbing Stories

The Ones That Got AwayThirteen might be considered unlucky but in a collection of horror short stories it might be the perfect number. The Ones That Got Away is a collection of thirteen short stories by Stephen Graham Jones. Many of the stories take everyday or normal life events and masterfully twist them into disconcerting tales. Vivid and descriptive, these stories leave a lasting impression.

A talkative prison guard in “The Sons of Billy Clay” tells the story of a possessed bull that leaves a trail of dead riders behind. In “Monsters” a man remembers the summer of his first kiss that ends in a nightmare. “Lonegan’s Luck” is a western tale of a snake-oil man who dispenses his medicine with a horrifying twist. Ending with “Crawlspace”, a father discovers a special link he has with his baby son.