The Dry Humor of Wicked Autumn

Wicked AutumnWanda Batton-Smythe had many enemies, actually almost the entire village of Nether Monkslip at one time or another probably could have strangled her. Wanda was a bit over the top- bossy, demanding, and not really caring what she said or the feelings she hurt. Still it was a shock to the small English village when she turned up murdered during the annual Harvest Fayre.

For Max Tudor it was an especially big surprise since he had left his former profession as an M15 agent to escape the brutality of his former life. Now, Max is the Vicar of Nether Monkslip and is in the middle of the investigation in Wicked Autumn: A Max Tudor Novel by G.M. Malliet. A tongue-in-cheek cozy mystery with a cast of quirky characters, this is an enjoyable fun little read.