Star Wars @ your library

Come watch Star Wars at the library May 11

Come watch Star Wars at the library May 11

Join us in celebrating an out-of-this-world anniversary with a viewing of Star Wars on Friday, May 11 in Marvin Auditorium. Crafts and activities begin at 6:00pm, and the film starts at 6:30pm.

May 2012 marks the 35th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie (now more formally known as Episode IV:  A New Hope). When it was first released in 1977 the public had no idea they were witnessing the birth of a universe that would dramatically influence pop culture for the next 30 years.

With its subsequent sequels (and prequels), books, and other merchandising, Star Wars (and storyline mogul George Lucas) forever altered the public’s appetite for science-fiction.

Nowadays, Star Wars is a part of everyday life. Jedi masters, stormtroopers and philosophical quotes about The Force pop up in all kinds of social situations. To paraphrase Carl Sagan: we are made of Star Wars stuff.

I mean – who doesn’t remember their first lightsaber? Whether it was a modified cardboard tube or store-purchased model, kids (and kids-at-heart) have been waving lightsabers, joining the Rebel Alliance and yelling “Punch it, Chewy!” for over three decades.

Now’s your chance to live your dream; come and make a mini-Death Star or Admiral Ackbar puppet before the show. Have a favorite Star Wars character? Come to the movie in costume and participate in the group photo. As always, Wookies are welcome!

Michelle Stottlemire

Michelle is a fifth-generation Kansan who has a passion for history, radical home-making and science fiction. When not on one of TSCPL's bookmobiles she can be found educating students at surrounding schools with dynamic programming.