Star Wars Travel

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away (actually 35 years ago this month), filmgoers traveled to a distant universe populated by wookiees, gungans and ewoks.  Where would YOU go for a Star Wars vacation? 

(Remember all destinations a fictional, travel at your own risk!)

Travel To Sunny Tatooine!

Looking for fun in the sun(s)?  Tatooine’s twin suns will satisfy your tanning needs.   This secluded planet (deep in the Outer Rim) may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Pod Racing is just one of the many events to try one’s luck.  Visit the Mos Eisley shopping district for souvenirs.  For the truly unusual, the Jawa traders will help you out.


Hoth-A Winter Wonderland!

Prefer something colder…much colder?  Then travel to the ultimate arctic paradise…Hoth.  The year-long winter allows for a wide array of outdoor sports.  Ski the slopes of Mount Wampa, race your SnowSpeeder or sit back and enjoy the Tauntaun Rodeo.  Don’t forget to bundle up!


Experience The Culture Of Naboo!

From the Grand Boulevards to the palatial estates, Naboo has something for everyone.  Tour the great museums of science and art.  While you relax at one of the many sidewalk cafes, a Gungan Parade might suddenly begin.  Or for a romantic getaway, may we recommend venturing out to the lake country?


Visit The Wonder Of Cloud City!

One cannot describe the dizzying awe of Cloud City.  This playground of privilege can be your home away from home.  Enjoy a sumptuous feast, pamper yourself with a Tibanna Spa Treatment, or simply stroll the promenades. You truly belong here among the clouds.


Lose Yourself In Coruscant!

When a city covers the whole planet, you know you can find everything!  Attend the Grand Opera one night,  grab some grub at Dexter’s Diner the next.  Experience the seat of power with a tour of the Galactic Senate or become one with the Force at the Jedi Temple.  Wherever your journey may take you, all roads lead to Coruscant!

Where would you go on a Star Wars Vacation?

*Photo coutesy of Lucasfilm, LTD.

  • Brian Lane Herder

    I will reveal my nerdiness. I know there are at least some real-life Star Wars tourists who actually visit the Tunisia locations where Tatooine was filmed in the first movie and the prequels. I believe there are a few travel agencies who actually organize that stuff. (I would too if I had the money). Naboo’s exterior shots were filmed mostly in Italy, particularly Lake Como in the Alps for Episode II.

    The most accessible Star Wars locations would probably be California’s Imperial Sand Dunes (where the Return of the Jedi sail barge scene was filmed) and the redwood forests of far northern California which became Endor. When my wife and I camped in a redwood forest north of San Francisco we were both immediately reminded of Endor.