• Joy Willey

    I changed my username, kept the password, but now can’t sign up online for the summer reading program for “Between the Covers”, adults over 18. Whenever I try to login I get the message that I can’t be found.

    Plus if I login first thur My Account, as I can’t find any place else to login, then I can’t get to the Summer Reading Program; nor can I get back to your home page.

    Perhaps add a selection to get back to our Home page once a person is logged in, and make the Summer Reading Program a selection if a person has logged in first before trying to add their hours, etc.


  • Lisa Coble-Krings

    Hi, thank you for your comment. We like hearing from our customers. We’ve sent you an email w/ more information about how start tracking your books. What are your must-read summer books?

  • http://www.tscpl.org Diana Friend

    Just so everyone is aware,the company that provides our phone app service to the catalog has not been able to get the app fixed yet. Please try using the fully functioning mobile catalog at http://catalog.tscpl.org/mobile.

  • Dorethy Hancock

    Having trouble even getting into the catalog. When I click on “Find Stuff”, it says “file not found.” So THEN WHAT?

  • Lisa Coble-Krings

    Dorethy, sorry. Passing along the new URL to our new catalog. Let us know if this URL works for you. http://catalog.tscpl.org/polaris/ We changed URL’s when we migrated to the new catalog. Many folks found that the cookies and other browser history stored in their computers needed deleted or they too got the “file not found” message. Your browser may have been directing you to the previous URL because that’s what was stored in its memory. Let us know if the new URL works for you and if problems persist with clicking on “find stuff” and then “search the catalog.”