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Reading Bingo begins in 2017!

Bingo Card Challenge yourself to expand your reading selections and find recommendations for many of the squares on your Reading Bingo card by listening to new episodes of Hush.

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Every three weeks, join librarian hosts Thad Hartman, Lissa Staley, and Miranda Ericsson with special guests from the library and community. In each interview, the guest makes recommendations for one square from the “Reading Bingo”  card. Listeners are encouraged to read along throughout 2017 and mark their own Reading Bingo cards. Use the podcasts, show notes, book displays in the library and book lists in the library catalog to discover what other people are reading and recommending.

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HUSH Upcoming Episodes

  • May 9, 2017 – Reading Bingo! with guest Nate Hohl to recommend titles for “A Book with a Sports Theme”
  • May 30, 2017 – 2Book Topeka special episode with guests Kelli Smith, Emily Hopkins and Michelle Stottlemire to discuss  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. Everyone in Shawnee County will have the opportunity to read two books about the core of what makes us human: our DNA.

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Recent Episodes

A Book That Became a Movie

HUSH Podcast #103 – A Book That Became a Movie

In this episode, we ask “Should you read the book before you see the movie?” with Tierney Kirtdoll, movie watcher and book reader, to find the perfect pick for the “A Book that is a Movie” square in Reading Bingo.

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A Book of Poetry

HUSH Podcast #102 – A Book of Poetry

In this new episode, Miranda Ericsson, librarian by day and poet by night, features her favorite poems, poetry collections and poets to help you find the perfect selection for your “A Book Over 500 Pages” square.

A Graphic Novel

HUSH Podcast #101 – A Graphic Novel

Listen to our librarians and guest Anna Frantz share illustrated recommendations for every genre and age-group, for your “Graphic Novel” square on your Reading Bingo card

A Book With Alternating Narrators

HUSH Podcast #100 – A Book with Alternating Narrators

Meredith Snepp recommends changing your perspective with books for your “A Book With Alternating Narrators” square in our 2017 Reading Bingo challenge.

medical Book Bingo_600pxX280px.biggraphic

HUSH Podcast #99 – A Book with a Medical Theme

Julie Nelson recommends compelling reads for your “A Book with a Medical Theme” square in our 2017 Reading Bingo challenge.

HUSH Podcast #98 – A Book Over 500 Pages

Jacob Ziegler recommends his favorite lengthy books for your “A Book Over 500 Pages” square in our 2017 Reading Bingo challenge.