Guest blogger Kyle Stueven reviews Twice a Spy by Keith Thomson

Charlie Clark’s girlfriend is kidnapped and all the kidnappers want is a Cold-War era nuclear device.  The problem is the Clarks are on the run after being framed for murder.  The CIA is trying to get to the Clarks before they can get to the device.

What unfolds is an incredible fast-paced adventure that will take you from Europe to the Caribbean to the Gulf coast of the United States.  This is a well written and witty tale of intrigue and suspense.

Charlie is forced to try to get information regarding the location of the device from his father, a former CIA operative.  The problem is Drummond suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.   He has moments of lucidity in which Charlie frantically questions him.

Overall this is a great read.  If you are a fan of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Tom Clancy or any of the other espionage authors then make sure you add Keith Thomson to your list of must reads.