Felix Gilman’s Latest Fantasy

Half-Made World

The General has lost his mind and the Red Valley Republic is gone. What is left is the endless war between the Line and the Gun. For those in the West there is little choice but to stay out of the way, since the Line only offers the constant advancement of their machines and industry, and the Gun whose power is in the hands of demons and chaos.

From the settled East travels psychologist Dr. Liv Alverhuysen who has been invited to the hospital where the General is located. She begins the treatment on the General, but she doesn’t know that the General has a powerful secret still locked in his head hidden by the madness. This is a secret so powerful that it is the last hope of peace because it might be able to stop the war.

The Line and the Gun would like to pry the secret out of the General but not in the name of peace but victory. The conflict between the Line and the Gun converge as they both try to capture the General, but there is another force at work that may change everything. The Half-Made World by Felix Gilman is an adroitly written fantasy that is imaginative and also has the feel of the old West and not to mention some steampunk as well. Absorbing, this is the first book of a promising new series.

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