Danger in the Shadows

Sara has lived in fear for many years. She was kidnapped as a young child and held captive for 9 days, during which time her twin dies only a short distance away. Her kidnapper is still on the loose and likes to taunt her and the investigators with that knowledge. Then Sara meets Adam and her world changes. She falls in love, but will love and her faith be strong enough to defeat the darkness of her past?


In Danger in the Shadows, award-winning author Dee Henderson crafts a beautiful tale of how faith can overcome even the most difficult obstacle. This book is the prequel to Henderson’s “O’Malley Series.”  This book was one that I picked up on a whim once because I thought the title sounded interesting. I had never heard of Dee Henderson before. I have now read every book that she has published. Danger in the Shadows pulled me in from the first page and I could not stop reading until the last page. It is a wonderful read for any fan of either suspense or romance books.

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