All Booked Up: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Kathy and Diana, hosts of All Booked Up, share a passion for books and also for food. They love to have fun in the kitchen. (One is just a little more successful than the other.) Discover who is suffering from a bit of cooking impairment in the video below.

These women explain the merits of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond and discuss reasons why you will want to check this cookbook out.

Many folks love Drummond’s books because of the simple, step-by-step visual instruction they provide. Photographs aid in helping understand what the finished dish will look like, as well as what it will look like in various states of preparation.

Drummond also shares here simple, but scrumptious meal ideas on the Food Network and on her blog.

All Booked Up Rating: Stylin’

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  • Anne

    Ladies, I just love your posts! Keep it up. This is a wonderful cookbook as well. Thanks!

  • Kathy Jennings

    Thanks Anne. We are enjoying them too.