All Booked Up: The Book Thief

This novel is unique because it is narrated by death. Death is a busy man in Nazi Germany, and as you can imagine some of the stories revealed tug at your heartstrings. One of our reviewers was moved to tears. Our All Booked Up hosts assure us, however, that we won’t cry through every page of this 576-page book. Watch their video book chat.

bookthiefMarkus Zusak penned The Book Thief, which you may have heard of recently because it’s coming out in theaters Nov. 15.

The story centers around a foster child in Munich in 1939. She moves in with her aunt Rosa and uncle Hans. Grabbing a small slice of solace in the turmoil of the era, the young girl, Liesel, steals books and shares them with others. Hans and Rosa take on the father and mother roles.

“There are some very heart-warming plot points that go on in this book,” said Kelli Smith, community services librarian. “The narrator Death has some beautiful language, some brutal honest language.”

Join Kelli and Erin Oct. 22 at Classic Bean, 21st and Fairlawn, for the Bean There, Read That Book Club. The club will be discussing this book. Or if you cannot make it, share your thoughts about this novel by leaving a comment below. Did you like The Book Thief?

allbookedupheelratinggraphic_excellentAll Booked Up rating: Excellent!

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  • Rita Almond

    Thank you so much for letting us know about The Book Thief. I definitely want to come on Oct . 22.