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Staff Picks: International Intrigue

Open “The arms maker of Berlin” in catalog The arms maker of Berlin Open “An atlas of impossible longing” in catalog An atlas of impossible longing Open “Pride and pyramids : Mr. Darcy in Egypt” in catalog Pride and pyramids : Mr. Darcy in Egypt Open “Red cell” in catalog Red cell Open “The traitor's emblem : a novel” in catalog The traitor's emblem : a novel Open “The Venetian bargain” in catalog The Venetian bargain
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Deadly Travels in Toured to Death

Amy Abel is taking a chance with opening a new travel agency that specializes in customized expeditions. Her first tour is a mystery game set in Europe, and she was lucky enough to get the star mystery game writer Otto Ingo to create the game with all the clues, but while Amy is in Europe preparing for the tour disaster strikes…

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Celebrate Kansas Day With Books

On January 29, 1861, Kansas became the 34th state in the United States of America. There is no better way to celebrate than by reading great books set in Kansas.


Rod Taylor, 1930-2015

Hollywood lost another of it’s popular stars with the recent death of Rod Taylor. Revisit the career of the 1960s leading man who starred in such classics as the The Time Machine and The Birds.

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The powerful researcher

Students struggling to find a citation or the average Joe with a not-so-average thirst for knowledge: Take note! We have a database you’ll want to wade into and use again and again.

HUSH Podcast

HUSH Library Podcast #68 – African American Topeka

In this episode, local genealogist, librarian and author Sherri Camp talks about her book featuring stories and photographs that place the history and experience of African Americans in Topeka in the context of American history.

Quartet for the End of Time

The Literary Quartet for the End of Time

In 1932 when the Bonus Army of veterans rioted in Washington, Alden Kelly who is sympathetic to their cause agrees to carry a bomb but is caught. His sister, Sutton, pressured by their father, a congressman, and trying to protect her brother accuses Kansas veteran Arthur Sinclair…


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