Purchasing Policy

In order to establish control over all funds, purchase orders must be used for all purchases.

Blanket purchase orders may be issued to cover frequently used accounts at local businesses. Blanket purchase orders will have restrictions on the amount that can be purchased and/or the persons authorized to make purchases.

Excluded from this policy are payments associated with payroll, employee fringe benefits, monthly telephone bills, monthly utility bills, and professional contracted services. In the event single vendor/territorial rights exist only one price quote will be required; but Board approval will still be required if the expenditure is over $5,000.

All Library purchases which are not library materials are made through the Finance Office.
Purchases of library materials are made through the Collection Development Manager’s Office.

For non-library materials purchases, the Executive Director may authorize expenditures of up to $5,000. For expenditures over $3,000 a minimum of three quotations will be sought; these expenditures will be reported to the Board monthly. For expenditures over $5,000, a minimum of three written bids will be sought. Bids will be opened at an open meeting. The Board is not required to award to the lowest bidder.

Approved: August 21, 1996

Board of Trustees
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library