Change Orders Policy

Board Policy for Administration of Change Orders

The Architect shall pay for all additional costs caused by omissions in the Contract Documents. The additional costs can be defined as the amount of the inflation factor of the omitted item or items and shall be derived from an ENR (Engineering News Record) index from the date of the signed Contract to the date of the proposal submitted by the General Contractor. The differential of ENR indexes shall be expressed as a percentage. All omissions must be substantiated by written documentation. Omissions can be identified at anytime before or during the Contract period.

The Contractors proposal (pre-Change Order) shall not contain a lump sum amount. All proposals shall contain an itemized breakdown including labor and materials of the item, overhead and profit.

Board of Trustees Action — May 20, 1999

Horst Terrill and Karst P.A. Response — April 12, 1999

Date of Construction Contract — March 29, 1999

Submitted by Ed Bailey — January 15, 1999

Approved: May 20, 1999

Board of Trustees
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library