Library Administration & Management

Library Leadership

Gina Millsap Gina Millsap Chief Executive Officer 785.580.4480 Rob Banks Rob Banks Chief Operating Officer 785.580.4481 Sheryl Weller Sheryl Weller Chief Financial Officer 785.580.4482

Library Management

Sherry Best Sherry Best Gallery Director 785.580.4516 Stephanie Hall Stephanie Hall Public Services Manager 785.580.4546 Stephen Lusk Stephen Lusk Human Resources Director 785.580.4491
Paul Brennan Paul Brennan Collections Director 785.580.4420 Thad Hartman Thad Hartman Community & Strategic Services Manager 785.580.4511 Nancy Overmyer Nancy Overmyer Event Resources Manager 785.580.4608
Scarlett Fisher-Herreman Scarlett Fisher-Herreman Technical Services Supervisor 785.580.4460 Sandra Hestand Sandra Hestand Community Services Supervisor 785.580.4591 Michael Perkins Michael Perkins Digital Services Supervisor 785.580.4605
Diana Friend Diana Friend Communications and Marketing Director 785.580.4486 Ivan Johnson Ivan Johnson Custodial Supervisor 785.580.4502 Leann Petrie Leann Petrie Youth Services Supervisor 785.580.4570
Greg Gaul Greg Gaul Safety and Security Manager 785.580.4503 David King David King Digital Branch and Services Director 785.580.4601 Marie Pyko Marie Pyko Public Services Director 785.580.4560
Nancy Lindberg Nancy Lindberg Foundation Director 785.580.4493 John Kugler John Kugler Facilities Manager 785.580.4506 Ruth Rodden Ruth Rodden Circulation Supervisor 785.580.4421